Auto Racing Training Tips

Professional auto racing requires a great deal of training, hard work and mental toughness. To match the performance of the race track champions like Jeff Gordon, Tiff Needell or Danica Patrick, you need to start early and use every opportunity you have to learn about the sport and acquire racing skills. The following auto racing training tips will help you to master this exciting sport.

Best Auto Racing Training Tips

1. Learn All You Can About Race Cars

Regardless of your educational qualification, you should pursue a self-paced study of race car mechanics. Ensure that you understand all the important principles that guide the operation of race cars. This is vital because their engines and braking systems are different from conventional street cars. So aspire to read technical materials online and offline, watch videos, and absorb every detail about the engineering, functions, and technology used in race cars. You will perform a lot better behind the wheel when you fully understand how a race car works.

2. Visualize a Thin Connecting Cord

Hold a mental picture of a thin cord connecting the gas pedal to the steering wheel while you drive. Remember that you can only drive fast when your wheel is in a straight position. Holding this picture of a cord linking the wheel to the throttle pedal helps you to understand that if the wheels are turned towards the left or right, the cord will be tight on the gas pedal, and you won’t be able to push it. But when the wheels are straight, the cord will be loose enough to allow you to press hard on the pedal. Also, bear in mind that speeding when the wheels are turned will cause you to veer off the track or hit other race cars.

3. Hold the Steering Wheel at 9 and 3

These are the best positions to place your left and right hands when you are driving on a race track. Don’t allow the wheel to slip through your fingers or allow one hand to go over the other. Maintain this grip even when your arms cross over each other and it feels very uncomfortable. This is the position that many professional race drivers use. It enables you to have a clear view of how much you are turning. In addition, the 9 and 3 positions will help you to keep track of exactly where the front wheels are pointing at a particular time.

4. Press the Brakes Early With Full Force

This tip may seem contrary to what you have learned about safe driving on the highways. But that is the right way to drive you race car. As soon as you get to the braking point for your next turn, hit the brakes with about 90 percent of the full braking force and then take your foot off the brake pedal slowly as you make the turn. Doing it this way allows you to drastically reduce your speed before turning, and it keeps the nose of the race car from hitting the ground. It also helps the front tires to have a firm grip on the track for a safer and smoother turn.


If you practice the auto racing training tips provided here, you will be able to improve your performance on the tracks. With a sound understanding of race car mechanics and regular training, you will soon be able to drive as fast a professional race car driver.